Freedom and Magic

I have been thinking and writing a lot about letting go. And I think it’s working. I can feel this beautiful, clear circle of space opening up around me. I can feel my heart expanding to greet all the new possibilities that are on their way into my life. I took a car full of beautiful treasures that I was ready not to hold onto in my house anymore to Good Will where other people could find them. It was nice to give away things that are actually good and lovely and useful instead of just things like holey old t-shirts that weren’t so great when they were new. So I felt happy leaving the parking lot with an empty car. And I’ve gotten used to the empty spaces in my house and now find myself with a delightful collection of pottery pitchers all together on a favorite shelf in my dining room instead of scattered throughout the house. And also a surprising grouping of feminine statues from different religions and cultures that look so comforting and special on my bureau that I bought fresh flowers to put next to them. Who knew I could create something perfectly pleasing and entirely new out of what I already had? But it happened naturally as a part of the decision to let go of what I no longer absolutely loved. So, yes there are the empty spaces happening. And already new things are possible. And now I am ready to talk about magic. The next step to letting go appears to be magic. That’s what happens when you create spaces. Magic moves in. So I haven’t had all the magical experiences yet that I know are coming. But they are starting to roll in. Like my friend texted after I had been madly cleaning out my stuff to say that he has been going through bags and bags of old papers and shredding them and now he suddenly has this funny feeling like there are endless possibilities to who he can be. My other friend called and she reminded me that my word for this next year is freedom, and even though I had temporarily forgotten that in my frenzy of clearing out pottery and paintings it all made sudden perfect sense. Ah, yes. That’s what open space feels like. Freedom. So, now I have two words for 2013. Freedom, and of course, magic. So much freedom and also so much magic. I’ll let you know what happens. Let’s expect to be delighted.

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