I thought of a great new word today. Lumber. Which means to walk ponderously. Or to rumble. I came to it when I was thinking about cows. But then I instantly loved it and wanted it for my own. So I decided to lumber through my neighborhood with my dog after work. And tomorrow I plan to lumber through the downtown area of my city while joining a friend for the First Friday’s art exhibits. In fact, I plan to lumber every chance I get. And the great thing about it is that I am going to sing while I lumber. I know it looks crazy but I love to sing while I walk ponderously. And I am going to contemplate my own voice and the words of my favorite songs and the trees and the mountains and the sky. I am just going to lumber along like a cow in a pasture. I am going to lumber here and there. And sometimes I might even rumble. Not sure how that fits in but I am willing to find out. I have so much ponderous movement to do now that I know about lumbering. It introduces a whole new world. I think I might give up walking entirely. Who wants to just plain walk when they can lumber?

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