Amazing Party

I want to have an amazing party. I want to celebrate all the things that are amazing in my life. I was doing my usual, oh things are never going to change, I am going to be stuck stuck stuck with the hard things in my life forever dance in my head and then I had a realization. My life is amazing! I am amazing too! Did you know that it was only a little over a year ago that I first started writing things for people to see about me and my story? And now here you are reading my blog and I am published in a book on Amazon! That was fast. And I can totally wear cute skirts and boots and a regular size medium when a few years ago I was unhappy with being in the plus size section. I can walk up big hills and feel powerful instead of wiped out. And I completely support my kids in every way and they know it. And I have a great job that I love. And there are so many other things like that in my life. All the things I have prayed for and hoped for and worked for are different somehow in my life even if they aren’t exactly where I sometimes think they should be. But the point is they are here with me. And my life has become amazing. So I think it’s time for a party. Beautiful food. Beautiful people. Beautiful music. Sparkly beverages. A clean house with candles and flowers. And time for being with what it means to be amazing. Because we all are that. Amazing. I am. And you are, too. For what we’ve been through. For what we’ve become. For what we dream about and create every single day.  So think about it with me. What have you created that is amazing in yourself and your life? And how can you celebrate it? And who can you celebrate it with?   Let’s immerse ourselves in being and living AMAZING!

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