My mind is full of ways to embrace wellness. I am thinking about true nourishment in all of its beautiful forms. My friend was making out an action plan for all the ways she is going to cultivate wellness in her life over the next few months. And it went along with everything I had already been thinking about for myself. I read a lot of weight loss blogs and I saw a reference to a book on one of them that I ordered and read over the past two days. It didn’t really say anything new, it just put all the things that I am already doing in one place. So this morning I wrote down my own plan for ways I am going to increase my wellness activities over the next few months. One thing I did that I surprised myself with is joining a CSA. I have now committed myself to buying and eating fresh, local, sustainably grown produce. I have been wanting to do that for a long, long time and I actually did it! It will feel so good to connect the food I eat with my local landscape. I also decided to simplify what I eat and focus even more on vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. I want to eat my foods as close to their natural state as possible. I am cutting way back on sugar and dairy and wheat. And I am going to eat just one big meal a day and eat more lightly for the rest of the day. I also want to revitalize my yoga practice and commit once again to doing yoga every day in a joyful way. Part of that is that I sent in an application to be a volunteer at this great new healing arts center in town that offers yoga to people who ordinarily wouldn’t have access to it. Their goal is affordable yoga for everybody. I might meet some cool, healthy yogis that way! I also want to wear clothes that I feel great in all the time. All the time. It sucks not to feel good in your clothes. So I have some work to do because a lot of my pants are feeling too snug in the last few months. I want to get back to where I can wear them comfortably again. I have been buying some things on line lately, which is also new for me. Like my dog once again destroyed my bag that I use everyday to carry my journal and my book I’m reading in. It’s just beyond being able to be sewed back together anymore and besides, it didn’t really go with anything. So, I ordered a new cool black felt bag that matches my purse perfectly and I love it! And I got a great pair of shoes on line, too. So all of the letting go I did in the last few months has shifted into letting new things in instead. And I am noticing that I am being really conscious of letting the new things that come in be things that are exactly what I want. Like fresh local produce. And super cute shoes. And a black felt bag with rainbow fringes on it. I guess it’s true what Paulo Coelho says. “When you have the courage to say goodbye, life will surprise you with a new hello.” Or something like that. I am saying hello to feeling great in my body and in my life. I am saying hello to all the things that support me and nourish me. What are you saying hello to?

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