The Moon

“The moon weaves
blankets of dreams
to warm you
through your days
she is the mother of all
and she loves to share
the softness of her ways.”
© Beth Gager 2013
That’s the chorus to a song I wrote to my children when they were small. I love the moon. But I rarely pay attention to it anymore. I have been known to have blue moon and harvest moon parties in my past. Once we sat on my back deck under the full harvest moon and played music until three am. It was one of the most magical nights of my life. I want to start paying attention to the moon again. I want to go outside in the night and notice it’s ebb and flow as much as I can. I want people in my life who would be delighted to come to full moon parties. I want people in my life who have full moon parties themselves. I want to think about everything I am welcoming into my life throughout the next cycle of the moon and I want to think about the things I am letting go of from the last cycle. I already do think about what I am letting go of and what I am taking in. A lot. But I haven’t tied it to the moon and her cycles in far too long. I think about trees and water and the daytime sky and the wind and the rain and the sun. But I have long neglected the moon.  This spring I will make a conscious effort to welcome my old friend the moon back into my thoughts and awareness. I still say hello to the sun. Now I am going to remember to say hello to the moon.   

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