Almost Spring!

I got three, THREE, 3!!!!!! new ruffled tops today! I love ruffles. They are kind of out of style now, which means I have to find them on sale. Or sometimes at Good Will. When I am lucky. I also got a great green dress with an adorable neckline which I am excited to wear tomorrow with my black boots. It was a good day. I went walking around the gardens at the university with my friend and her dog. My dog was thrilled to be included in the outing. Then I went to another friend’s house and a group of us talked about creating a team where we help each other with our wellness goals over the next few months. We all decided that we would like to meet often, every two weeks to help each other reach our goals. I said one of my long time goals for myself is to have people in my life who want to play music and sing. So we set a date for them to come to my house and have an evening of music and dancing and fun! I have been looking in the past few days at the mountains covered with snow and at the trees that are still bare except for the very first traces of red that showed up in January before it got really cold. And I realized that the world is still so full of fresh possibilities, that the new cycle of the year has not yet begun. But it is so very close to bursting forth in all of its pink and yellow loveliness. I have been so focused on letting go this winter. It will be nice to really be fully immersed in the time of new growth. Happy Almost Spring!

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