Danny and Carrie

I saw my favorite musicians last night. Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin. I have been listening to Danny’s music for years and have been a fan of Carrie’s since she started doing shows with him. It was a delightful evening. Hearing live acoustic music is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Especially Danny and Carrie. They remind me of what the truest place in my heart whispers to me every day. They remind me of what I long to do, of who I am in my most quiet and alive place inside myself.  I try to express that place here, in this blog.  I try to live from it in my relationships and in my work and in the way I keep my home. It’s right in the center of everything. Their music and the fact that they are up there sharing it reminds me always of what I love best. Lately I have been noticing that if I could just let it happen I could be blessed and awed by the beauty that this life has to offer so repeatedly and often. The way the waitress at the tea house places the gorgeous plate of food in front of her customers. The woman on the mall in the big purple hat and the colorful pants that knew my name. My daughter being accepted into an awesome school. I still hold myself back sometimes from the beauty, from the wonder of these miracles that fill my life every day. I don’t want to sink into the good things when they happen. I am still afraid that if I let the goodness seep into my awareness like honey I will be caught later in a sticky mess of disappointment. Once again, it’s about freedom. I still hold myself back from being truly free inside my own heart. But the beauty keeps coming. And at least I am paying attention.

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