There is goodness in the world. People do good and loving and kind things for each other every moment of every day. So many people, radiating goodness, just because they can. I am tired of listening to the voice inside my head that says, “You are not good.” and “People are out to hurt you.” I am tired of listening to the people outside me that say the same thing. Those voices are right to a degree. I have done things that hurt others and I have been hurt by hurtful people. But I have also loved with all of my heart. And I have been loved and supported by many people. I have been showered with beauty and kindness. I have been soaked in friendship and loveliness. It is time for me to say goodbye to the mistrust and powerlessness inside my own mind that often keeps me in shame for my failings or in fear of the meanness I imagine lives in others. I am in the center of my own experience. And I choose goodness. Every moment I will make the choice again: love, kindness and goodness. It is simpler for me when I am giving kindness to others or when I am celebrating their goodness. That feels effortless. It feels harder to celebrate goodness inside my own head. That is where I need to cultivate it with love and care. Because my heart knows what kindness is already. But my head can still fill me with fear and worry and anxiety. I can get lost in all sorts of dark pathways that it is my intention to move past. I can think of all the ways I am not good and of all the ways others will try to hurt me. I need help from my heart to let go of the inner destruction my head likes to throw at me to keep me from goodness and peace. I think I am ready to take the risk to step away from the fear that is familiar and let my heart wrap me in a blanket of goodness. And I do believe once I am inside its folds I will find warmth and comfort there. In myself. And in all sorts of beautiful people. And in all of the incredible goodness that exists in this place we call home.

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