More About Goodness

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately. It’s been really busy but today finally I am caught up and I have a day to do fun things. I have more to tell you about goodness. It has been with me a lot lately. In deciding to choose goodness I uncovered a big pocket of fear that I wasn’t aware of that has been driving me for a long time. I was thinking of ways I could choose to believe in goodness in others as it relates to me, but what I hadn’t realized is that I can choose goodness for others as it relates to them. What I discovered is that when someone I love tells me about something they are struggling with my reaction has been to go into worry and fearful thinking. “Oh no! This is a disaster!” I automatically assume. But, oh right, goodness. So what I have been noticing this week is that I can hold a space not just for myself but for everybody in my life where goodness prevails. I am choosing to hold a space for my loved ones’ strength and beauty and absolute wonderfulness to shine through no matter what situation they are in. I didn’t realize I was just increasing their fear by adding my own when I thought I was being empathetic. It is surprising to uncover the coils of hidden goodness that want to unwind and spring forth if I let them. I can be more present by letting my heart believe in the strength and inner wisdom of all the people in my life, not just in myself. When I focus on goodness, I can really feel the love that lives inside everything. I am learning  more and more about that love as I consciously choose my heart over my fear. It is changing who I am inside and in the world. What I am discovering is that the smallest seed can erupt into a whole field of blossoming goodness.

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