The Forest

I have been using the image of a tree to keep me grounded and connected in my life for a while now. It helped me grow spiritually and to take back what I lost when I went to the hospital. But now I have been standing for long enough inside the protection of my own special tree. I have gotten comfortable here. I know I am safe inside the circle of its trunk and roots and branches. Now I am ready to look around me and see the beauty of all the other trees that are standing all around me tall and strong from their roots. What I am trying to say is that I need others. People in my life that are beautiful and clear like the forest. I have been practicing holding a space for beauty and love for everyone I care about. I feel this space opening like a path through the forest that never ends.  Now I am also ready to welcome others into my life who know the joy of walking on that path. I need to have what I absolutely love in my life. That was my commitment to myself this winter. And now that spring is here I can feel it happening all around me. There are new things happening inside my heart and in my life. The new growth of spring is burgeoning and blossoming and shining with delight. And I am learning to stand strong and listen. I am letting my leaves burst forth by saying yes to beautiful new experiences like singing with the guitar and welcoming into my heart and life what I know is good. I know now that I am not alone. I stand as an old tree in an ancient forest and there are oh so many other trees here. We are all a part of it. I have learned in the past several years where my part is. That is a good place to be in. And now I can finally reach out through my roots to the others like you who have been here all along. Welcome to our forest. We can find shelter here.

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