Employed by the Universe

My friend said something really great today. She was talking about how her fear was after her peace, you know the way. It is what we all go through. Fear comes round again and again in our heads to whittle away at the truth of the magnificence of our hearts. This particular fear was that she was going to lose her job and get fired. So she said she realized something. She realized that she is not employed by her employer, she is employed by the universe. And even if the very unlikely event happened that her employer did fire her, the universe never would, so she could just relax and know that a new opportunity would present itself. It is a good way to banish fear to realize that our lives aren’t about this situation or that situation. Our lives are about our spirits and our purpose and our hearts. Once we get to a place where we are living from our purpose we can’t lose because we are driven and guided by something much bigger than just the situation we are currently in. It is a good thing to remember when our fear is wanting to take us on a never ending roller coaster ride to hell. So let’s relax. And breathe. The breath will take us to the next place. And that is really the only place we need to go.

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