Shine on

I read a book yesterday that has got me thinking more about goodness. The book was basically about good versus evil in people and how goodness always wins in the end. The characters were full of triumph over abuse and meanness. The people who were good and kind found ways to overcome the sick, small people in their lives who were just out to hurt them and make them feel small themselves. But the good characters were also extraordinary in their gifts. One was a fabulous artist. One was a writer. One made amazing chocolates. By the end of the book they were all successful in their particular talent. They were in famous art galleries or they were published or they had a booming chocolate factory. So what I am wondering is are all of us really like that in real life? Do we all have amazing talents that can take us to great places if we just overcome the meanness in our lives? Not just, oh I can paint a little or I like to write or I make a pretty good chocolate cake but genius and brilliance that would amaze the world if we let ourselves be seen and we surrounded ourselves with love? I like the thought. I like the idea that every single person I meet who embraces goodness is a shining star waiting to be let loose in the sky. I am practicing seeing people this way. I am letting the people in my life be utterly amazing. It’s actually really fun. I like seeing the connection between kindness and love and being a super star. And I like holding a space for everyone I love and everyone I meet to shine. So shine, on, my friend. I’ll be here cheering you on.

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