No more scales!

I am surrendering to the curve and bend of my body. I am staying far, far away from the number on the scale and the rigid rules about what I can eat and how much I have to exercise. Seriously, the rules just weren’t working.  So I am trying something new. And it is terrifying. What if I measured the worth of my body by how it feels when the wind is blowing across my face and through my hair? What if my purple ruffled skirt and my cute shoes were absolutely enough to make me feel all singy inside when I am walking on the downtown mall? What if I gave in to gratitude and joy and always always knew that right now, in this very moment, I am always, always, already my most clear and beautiful self? What if I accepted myself precisely as I am and I believed that was enough? What if you did, too? I wonder then, what our daughters and sons would become when they are walking through the world in the places where we walk now. It is my sincerest prayer that I will find out. I hope you do, too.

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