You have to walk

A friend said something lovely today that makes a lot of sense to me. She said that all of the wonderful things that I want in my life are already mine. She said I just have to walk to the place where they are. If I want to get from Washington DC to New York City there are things I have to do to get there. I have to physically go through all the places that are in between those two locations. Both places already exist. It’s up to me to move from one to the other with all of me intact, body and soul. It is also true that all of the things I have been working toward and dreaming about already exist. I just need to take the steps that live between them and where I am now until I arrive at the place where they are. I have to move my body through space and keep walking every day. And I have to know where I want to end up. There is nothing blocking me from getting there or no reason why I can’t arrive. I just need to follow the path that leads from one place to the other and make sure to notice the trees and flowers along the way. That thought gives me a lot of comfort. I know how to walk and I know where I want to go and thankfully, I know how to pay attention to the flowers. The rest is simple. Because everything I need is already in its place. I just have to keep going until I get to the place where it lives in the world.

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