Say yes to the belly!

Well, I had one of the best kinds of fun a woman can have today, women circle fun! Three friends and I had a henna party. We reclaimed out bellies under the beautiful henna magic of my best friend. She drew amazing designs on our bellies as we lay on a beautiful quilt in my living room. We talked about all sorts of important things and I loved it so much! Then we ate cherries and pistachios and pretzels and rejuvenated ourselves while our henna dried. I was shaking with the joy and deep connection of it all while it was my turn to get the henna. I got a flower with many petals that I drew recently and I also got a flower on both of my hands and feet. I am completely ready for the power that has been living dormant in my belly to come forth into the world. I have talked about my belly before in my writing, how there is this place there that tells me when something important is happening that will change the direction of my life. It is my place of creation into the world and yet I have been feeling that it is not the representation of the most clear and beautiful self that I want to be because it is very soft and has more substance to it than I have wanted there in my quest to be strong and fit in my body. So, I have marked it with a flower in a circle of other women and said yes to its power. It has a purpose all its own, it holds my place as a woman in the world, and I know that, and I am choosing to honor that part of me that creates from the feminine divine.  We all looked so beautiful with our flower and fire encircled bellies. I have no doubt that we will each bring something more of ourselves into the world. And I have no doubt that it will be beautiful and completely full of power. 

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