Black Lab the Hero

 I heard an amazing dog story the other day from the guy that came to replace the battery in my car. He said he went to a job and when he got out of his truck there were two dogs, a pit bull and a black lab. At first they were both acting friendly to him and then he suddenly sensed that something wasn’t right. The pit bull started acting strange, and the black lab knew it and came in front of the guy and got between his legs and bared his teeth at the pit bull. The pit bull then attacked the guy and all he could do was try to get back in his truck. The pit bull managed to bite him pretty bad on his leg and when he did the black lab jumped on top of the pit bull and made it so the guy could get away. He got back in his truck and was saved from further harm at the jaws of the pit bull. The black lab was as much of a stranger to the guy as the pit bull was, but he saved him anyway. I was so moved by the bravery and goodness of that dog. He knew what the other dog was doing wasn’t right and he acted with the instincts of a true hero. It turns out that the pit bull was a rescue dog, owned by a vet who was out of town when this happened and the dogs had been left with a house sitter who didn’t know them well. It’s a scary story about pit bulls, but also speaks to me of the goodness that comes out in the world from unexpected places.

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