Well I haven’t been doing much blogging, but I have been doing a lot of something equally fulfilling, DANCING!!!!! I have found a new love. Conscious Dance. I have been going for a few weeks and I am totally hooked. It has given me a new pathway into my body, a new pathway into joy. I get to move and be moved by glorious music. I get to be surrounded in a room by others moving to their own inner rhythms. It is delightful. I had the postcard about the class on my refrigerator for over two years. I finally took it down and recycled it because it seemed like I was never going to go. But then recently the idea of it resurfaced and I knew I needed to check it out. So, I did, and I have been going every chance I get ever since. It feels like all of the miles I have walked in the past three years and all of the yoga I have practiced has led me to this place where my body is strong enough and grounded enough to dance my way into a new joy. I am looking forward to getting to know this new community of people and most of all I am looking forward to exploring all the new places I can go inside my very own body. I am learning how to be strong, how to move and stretch and play. I am learning how to flow from wildness into stillness. After a long, long time of walking everywhere I needed to go, I am finally, finally, learning how to dance.

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