Knock your heart free

I danced for four days at a Soul Motion workshop with Michael Molin-Skelton and I think I did what I intended… I knocked my heart free (that phrase is from a song by Carrie Elkin.) The theme of the workshop was “Let your art break free of its frame.” I think I danced my way into finding a spiritual community where I can be totally accepted and free.  This feels amazing, for someone who has been completely ungrounded at one time in my life to someone who can ground her spirit in the physical act of dancing in a community of others is incredible and oh so right feeling. In two weeks I am flying to California for a week-long training for work. So much is opening before me as the summer closes. Today I really understood something when I was meditating with my tree. For a very long time I have been getting into this stuck place of praying or meditating about something I need to show up in my life and then feeling lost in this in-between place because what I need is not actually physically present with me right now. Today, I finally understood that I can hold the energy of what I need in my life but don’t yet have in the roots of my tree. I know, I know, we have everything we need in the present moment…that is true, too, but I have been aching for a container to put my hopes and dreams in and now I have it in the roots of my very own tree. So I am pulling in and holding the energy of wealth, and love, and community. For now that about covers it. Thank you tree, for once again finding a way to ground me in beauty and for allowing me presence in this moment. As for the rest of you, take some time to dance this week. It might just knock your heart free. It worked for me.

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