Finding My Story

I am going to a training for work next week and I think it is going to be very powerful. I am hoping to find a way to tell my story in its most strong and beautiful light. I am tired of carrying around this tale of “when I was sick” or “when I went to the hospital.” Those words don’t seem to define my experience anymore and I’d like a new way to relate to myself  that includes who I have been my entire life. Not just before and after my life took a different turn than I expected through trips into the world of psychiatric hospitalizations and the after-effects of that but some clear words that define me as who I have always been on the inside, no matter what the world saw me as for a while. I’d like to be able to tell people what I went through and where I’ve been in a way that highlights my strengths while still giving inspiration and hope to those who are still in the dark places. I hope this week-long training gives me that. If it does I will share it with you here. Because I truly do believe that we all have power in our stories and that those stories need to be heard. I often share my story for the work that I do and I have chosen to do it here on this blog as well. I can still feel the creaky places when I tell it, I am not sure how to just be strong and free and still speak in a language that others can understand. I am not denying the hard parts, I am just becoming more and more clear that what I went through was necessary in my life to bring me here and that here is where I want to be. I have so much delight in the present and so much hope for the future these days. I really am at the bank of the river where everything I need is in plenitude and within easy reach. Wish me luck in finding the sweet spot where I can share my experiences with others effortlessly and with strength, not overlooking the pain or the hard work and determination that brought me here but somehow centering always on the light.

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