Writing in winter

I am sitting in my new writing space. It has a new chair, a purple and white orchid, a lucky bamboo plant and richly scented candles. Also some carved stones that two friends showed up with spontaneously within a few days of each other, which I knew were my writing stones when I saw them together. Why do I have a new chair and a white hanging paper lantern lighting up my desk? Because the time has come to write. I’ve known I was going to write a book since I was a teenager. I thought it was a couple of years away. But recently I discovered that it is closer than I thought. In fact, I have decided that I am going to write at this beautiful spot in my dining room all winter long. And that my goal is to have my book written by spring. I have been preparing the space all day and it feels amazing to be sitting here at my computer surrounded by loveliness. I plan on drinking many cups of tea and thick hot chocolate in this very spot this winter. My book is being born in the cold days of inward reflection and replenishing nourishment. A rooted mind and all that means to me is what the book is about. Just as it has become what I am all about. I am thankful that I have come to this place where I have been heading for a long, long time. Now it is time to plant my roots for this next season and bend with the creative light that comes to me as I write. I know it will be an awesome and transformative experience. The coffee shops and the downtown mall will have to wait until spring. Now is the time for being nestled in my cozy house and doing what is mine to do. Write.

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