I am standing at the threshold. One cycle is ending and a new one is beginning. I can feel it in my belly and in the place between my eyes. Lots of things are changing. Lots of endings and lots of new beginnings. I am going to honor this threshold in many ways but the two biggest ways are a fire on solstice and a four day dance workshop over the new year. My friend is right now building a fire pit. I have been gathering things to burn. We realized that it is not just a fire of letting go but it is also a fire of creation. So I am writing and drawing all of the things I am creating for 2014 and giving it to the fire on the darkest day of the year. Then I will dance the new year in. The dance workshop is actually called Thresholds and it is perfect for what I am all about right now. My body is feeling a little achy and sore, there is lots of stuff moving around in me. Long held patterns are coming to an end. I am not sure exactly what the new year will look like but I am sure it will be beautiful. The book is flying out of me. I am writing my way to a new part of my life.

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