Love, Joy and Apples

It is harder to send a book to the publisher than I thought. I am busy pulling all the details together that I need. I am aiming to send it out by Spring Equinox. So I have just a little time. I went to a dance workshop last weekend that combined dancing and writing. Awesome, but INTENSE! Thankfully the next day was a snow day so I got to get caught up on rest and laundry. I am realizing as I am doing what I need to do for the publishers that I am working two jobs but only getting paid for one. It is a little overwhelming actually. Somehow this part of getting ready to send it out into the world is harder than the writing of it was. I can write and write and its pretty fluid, but now I have to summarize and explain myself and come up with a marketing plan. That’s a little harder for me.

I want to go to school in June to become a Martha Beck Life Coach. I am super-excited about it, and I absolutely know that it is perfect for me. I just have to come up with the money to pay for it. I am working my magic as much as I can, and I almost believe I can do it, but it is a still little hard to go there completely. I have been in the struggling mode of not enough for so long and I am so ready to move past it. After all, the universe is overflowing with love, joy and apples. That came from my friend who knows about these things. So, love, joy and apples, please come pouring into my life! I will open my arms wide to receive you.

Hey, did you notice? It’s almost SPRING! My favorite time of the year. Almost time to change my pendant to my spring tree (I have one for each season.) The spring tree is silver with lovely rose quartz beads. Happy almost spring!

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