A Love Letter

This is a strange in between time that I do not quite know what to do with. Here I am, with a published book that people haven’t read yet. It feels like I have written a love letter to someone precious to me and told him all of the things I have never told him in person. My love letter is to the world and is through A Rooted Mind. So, here I am, waiting for all of you and so many others to read my words, and all I can hope is that you will each find something beautiful in what I have shared with you of my heart. I am nervous and a little embarrassed because I have bared my truest self, and just like if I had written a letter of unspoken affection to a singular person in my life, the only thing I have left to do is let you respond from the truth of who you are. I can’t and don’t want to control how you love me back. I am just grateful that I have done my part. For now at least. Blessings to you. I am standing here holding you as I know you hold me.  May we all go someplace beautiful together.

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