Stepping across the River

It’s what we love that brings us to joy. We can follow what we love like stepping stones across the river. The river is the division between where we are and where we want to be. On the other side of the river is your most clear and beautiful life. This is the life you are meant to live. This is where you are free to be yourself and express what you are called to express in the world. We can take one step at a time and the stepping stones of what we love will hold us and keep us safe.  Each stone is made of what makes your heart sing with pleasure. What do you love? I know that you know. We all have a quiet place inside of us that holds close what we love. Sometimes we can be so caught up in what we feel like we have to do or in the routine of our lives that we forget to honor that place inside of us that pulses with pleasure and light. Is it a person that you love? Find time to spend more time with her. Find a way to speak more truth to her about how much you admire her and care for her. Is what you love something in nature? Go sit under your favorite tree and look up through its branches and just be with its power and its beauty. Your soul calls to you through what you love. Honor that calling by paying attention and making space to be with what brings you joy in your heart. The more we honor what we love the more opportunities for joy come into our lives. Following what we love is actually the pathway to the life that we are meant to live. The more we embrace the calling of who we are in our center the more centered we will be. Make a commitment to yourself that you will start paying attention to what your heart and your soul are telling you. Make a commitment to go toward what you love, even if it is at first only for a few minutes a day.  Your true path is calling you. Take the first stepping stone that will lead you across the river. I promise that it will be worth it when you get to the other side.