The Five Ways of Being in the New Consciousness

We are in a new time in the world. Everything is changing and we are a part of something huge, something beautiful, something grand. We are at the point in human evolution when all beings are coming together to heal each other and the planet. We are stepping into a new phase of life for all of us. It is time for us to commit to living our lives with joy and purpose. It is time to bring our unique gifts into the world and do what we love.

There are Five Ways of Being in the New Consciousness that are different and distinct from their old definitions. Let’s explore what those ways of being are.

Vulnerability- The first way if being is vulnerability. There is a new way of being vulnerable that is essential to fulfilling our unique purpose and doing what is ours to do. In order to thrive in the new consciousness we each have to make a commitment to being vulnerable. This means putting ourselves out into the world and sharing the truth of who we are in our core. There are no masks, no hiding in the new consciousness. There is only each one of us being who we truly are and living from our hearts. The world needs us to be true to our gifts and being vulnerable means showing up as the magnificent beings that we truly are. It means telling our story in whatever way that shows up for us. It means sharing ourselves in order to be who we are meant to be.

Gratitude- The second way of being is gratitude. Gratitude is the key to living a life of joy. We create the lives we want by focusing on what we are grateful for in our hearts. Gratitude brings more love, more beauty and more joy into our lives. When we tune into what we love and what brings us joy we are truly living the world as we are meant to live. Our hearts expand with love and appreciation for everything in our lives and we are aligned with the goodness that is the foundation of the world in the new consciousness.

Pleasure- The third way of being is pleasure. In the new consciousness we are all able to go towards what we love, in fact, experiencing what we love daily is the heart of the new world we are creating. There is so much pleasure available to us. Each of us has a unique array of experiences that bring us great delight.  Paying close attention to what we delight in, such as the wind in our hair and the feeling in our hearts when we talk with a loved one is essential for living in the new world. Mindfulness and awareness of what is available to us in the present moment and how pleasurable the world we inhabit truly is brings us to the place of joy. Joy is our birthright and we are here to experience all of the beauty that the world has to offer.

Guidance- The fourth way of being is guidance. In the new consciousness we are never alone. Everything in the world is conscious and everything we ever need to know is available to us. We are held at all times by the love of the divine and by the earth herself. We can consciously choose to tune into the wisdom and grace that is all around us and within us. We are part of everything, and when we acknowledge the support and guidance that is available to us we are truly one with creation.

Freedom- The fifth way of being is freedom. In the new consciousness every human being is free. We are free to live our lives in joy. We are free to share our gifts, our passions, our hearts openly. We are free to do what is ours to do and to do it well. We are free to make a genuine contribution to the world in our own unique way and we are free to live our lives the way that works best for us and also serves the planet. Freedom starts inside of us and the path to freedom is in what we love.  When we make a commitment to honor what we love we walk steadily towards more and more freedom. Freedom is where we are meant to be.

By living by these five ways of being we each can make a difference in the world. All of the support we need to bring the new consciousness into the planet is available to us. The world is changing one person at a time. You are essential to bringing the new consciousness into reality. Follow your heart and what you love, pay attention to the five ways of being, and join with the others who right at this moment are transforming the world. We have everything we need inside of us.  This is our home. This is where we belong. This world is ours to live in. And this world needs us to transform every bit of suffering that was the old way into joy. This world needs to evolve into the new consciousness. It is time for us to have a whole new world.

© Copyright by Beth Gager 2015. All rights reserved.