Walking into freedom is like walking through a dappled path in the ancient forest.  The path is clear and lovely, and the trees hold you in their quiet mystery. You have to listen intently to hear the voices of the trees. You have to readily open your heart to the mystery. You have to pay attention to the path before you to walk into freedom. The path is made for you by the same greatness that has made the trees. Your path to freedom is yours alone. It is for you to follow, for you to understand and meander along to the rhythm of your own beating heart.  I believe that freedom lies in what we love. The more we move towards that which makes our hearts sigh with its beauty the freer we become. It takes something to go towards what we love. It takes patience and gratitude and a willingness to keep going. It takes courage and it means that we have to listen fiercely to our own truth no matter what the world says. It means we have to stay on the path, even if the brambles grow thick, even when we can’t see what is ahead of us.

What would it mean to you to be free? What would be the first thing your heart would say to you when you wake up in the morning if you were actually, wholly free? Do you dare to allow yourself to dream of it? There is a place inside freedom for you. There is that one, lovely life that aches for you to be held inside it. There is that pulse inside of you that will take you to every single beautiful place that is yours to go to if you follow it. Your magnificent beating heart has so much for you to feel. There is so much joy that wants to find you. Your life wants to open you to the truth of who you are and always have been in the quiet place that lives in your center. It can be scary, terrifying, exhilarating to say yes to freedom. It can take everything you have within you to step onto the path. And when you are on the path it can take even more than you thought you had available to you to keep going. Every single thing that you have been and have done up to this moment matters.  Every single moment of your life is calling to you. And in its refrain is the voice of freedom. For you, for everyone you love, for the whole world. Because that is where we are right now. The world is changing and we are being asked to change with it.

Look around you and see. See how the world is changing. See how there is so much more available to all of us than ever before. See the others that you admire going before you. See the people that are making a difference all over the world.  See how each one of us is being called by the ancient mystery. Go inside and remember who you are.

You are beautiful. You are alive. You have a purpose in this wild and beautiful world. And your heart is calling you to be free.

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