Saying Yes

“I can’t do it.” “It’s impossible.” “It will never happen.” How many times a day do these thoughts go through your mind? What do they feel like in your body? Who do you become with these thoughts permeating your system? What would it feel like to have another thought, a different kind of feeling? What does your heart say about this trapping of your mind? We have so much inside of us. So many possibilities that are waiting to be born in every moment.  What are your possibilities? What marvelous thing of beauty wants to be created through you right now, in this very moment? Let’s pause. Here. And take a breath together. Let us let out a sigh of peace. A breath of patience. An inhale of possibility. An exhale of hope.  Let’s do this thing together.  All of us whose hearts are beating to the rhythm of our own glorious potential. The time is upon us. What we want is available to us. We know it’s true in the very marrow of our bones. We can feel the energy of the earth shifting and expanding to meet us. We can feel our timeless longings becoming something else, something real and tangible. We can feel the heartbeats of all the others coming into alignment with our own. We can feel our souls calling to us through the pulse beneath our skin. And yet we still say it is impossible.  We still say we can’t. We still say it will never happen. Not to us. Not to the others. Not to the world.  Where is the stepping off point? Where is the moment when all of us who are called are finally able to answer? We know who we are. We know our tribe. We know the ones who came before us are holding us firmly. We know the animals are moving through the forests and the trees are listening with their silent wisdom. We know the oceans are cresting and turning and the whales are singing their songs. We know that everyone is here.  Where are we? We are the ones who are needed now. We are the ones who have to say yes. It is scary, exhilarating, terrifying. It takes more courage and strength than we ever thought possible. To live in this time is exquisite and excruciating. To be who we are, fully, to live the life of our dreams, to say yes to the magnificence of our own unique yearning is no small task. It is the biggest and bravest thing we will ever do.  Are we ready? Can we do it? The answer can only be yes. Because we got here. Because there is nowhere else to go. Because we have to. Because we are committed to this for ourselves and for everyone else. And because it is actually the whole point. Of everything. This time, now, is our time. It is the time when we claim our true selves. It is time when what we love becomes who we are and what we do. It is the time when we set ourselves and the whole world free.  You can do it. And so can I. And so can the others. We can do it. It’s possible. It’s going to happen.  Let’s feel that in our bodies. Let’s embrace that in our beings. Let’s go. Together. The world is poised to catch us and hold us in her loving arms. All we have to do is step toward her.