How powerful are you?

Just how powerful are you? I mean, really. Let’s not beat around the bush here. Let’s get straight to the point. Just how powerful are you? What exactly is it that is yours to do that has never until this moment been done before? I know that for myself I am taking a stand for freedom. For myself and for every single person on the planet. People come to me in various states of owning their power. And all I can say is, wow. You guys are amazing. You are so beautiful. You are so full of power and light that it is breathtaking. Do you know this about yourselves? I know it more and more about myself because of you. Because of each beautiful, magnificent one of you that comes into my life and blesses me with your strength. Ah, the things you dream up. The ways that you long to spread your gifts into the world. The truth of who we are is so big that nothing in the old world of limits can continue to contain it. Your yearning to be big is the only truth that matters now. You have everything inside of you that you will ever need to follow your calling into the most joyful, most brilliant, most transformative life you can dream of. You are so, so powerful. Take a moment here. An inward breath with me and with the whole world. The answer to your question is yes. Yes, you can do this. Yes, you will. Yes, you absolutely must. We need you to. The longing of the world is bubbling up in your heart for a reason. And the reason is you. And the reason is all of us. Know this now, and hold on to it in the infinite moments to come, you are just as powerful as the most powerful force in the universe. You are here to let that power serve you and everyone else on the planet. You are here for yourself and you are here for the rest of us. And the world is rising up to meet each one of us. And the way we meet her is by following our deepest yearnings. What can you do right now to honor your longing? How are you being called to use your power? Your answer is here with you right now. Go into the quiet place that lives in your heart and listen to it. The only place it can take you is home.