“It’s not happening fast enough.” How many times have you felt that? You are committed to your growth. You are always trying to improve yourself and your life. Things are happening. Every day you have some new awareness, some new insight. You give it everything you have, every moment. When you step back and look through the eyes of your soul you can see that things are happening.  Other people are amazed at how far you’ve come in such a short period of time. But you can’t relax. You can’t let the universe work at its own pace.

Every moment when you want to be in peace you are instead having a struggle with time. You know that eventually what you are creating will show up. You know this because everything you read, everyone you talk to, every time you get quiet you are reminded of it. But still, the worry. Or the anxiety. Or the anger. “When?” “When is it going to get here? When will I know? When will I really, truly, in every moment know that what I believe in, what I work towards, what I yearn for is actually going to be here with me?”

Ah, let’s relax for a moment together. Let’s stop spinning around in the pressure of when. Go to your quiet place. And now let’s see what is here in the quiet place together with us. The answer is in nature.  Connect to your body, your cells, the blood in your veins for a moment. Feel the ground beneath you and open yourself to what the wisdom of the sacred mother earth is telling you. She wants to remind us who we really are and the magnificent beauty and perfection that we are a part of.

Do we try to the rush the moon? Her cycles are constant. Every day she changes. We watch her grow dark and then full and then dark and then full again and again. The trees change every moment, the seasons embrace them and hold them and they ebb and flow together. This is what we are a part of. This is where our peace lives.  When we connect ourselves to the rhythms and cycles of the earth we are not bound by time. We do not have to fret, we do not have to feel anxious or afraid that we are not enough as we are.

Every single moment of your life matters. Every step you have taken towards freedom and peace and joy has enveloped you in the rhythms of the earth. Every bit of growth you have worked for is changing you in the center of your cells. Your entire being is moving towards your greatest longing. The earth is longing with you. You are a part of everything. External circumstances can only change as fast as the natural cycles will let them.

Instead of wondering when, remember the truth. You are creating a fabulous life for yourself. You will never go back. You have already arrived here. Maybe in the external world everything you want hasn’t showed up yet.  But is always getting closer and closer. You are always getting more and more free.

You can’t remove yourself from the earth you belong to. Your natural cycles are tied to something much more rhythmic than you can imagine. When you get caught up in the frustration of when take a breath and remember. You are not separate from the natural world and neither would you want to be.

Every leaf, every bird, every animal, every drop of water responds to and is a part of the cycle of the world. So, my lovely friend, are you.  When isn’t as important as we think. When we step towards the freedom that we can experience on the inside by honoring the quiet place of our joy the freedom on the outside will naturally follow.  Take off the pressure. Stop worrying. It is all coming. You have created it. Let the universe do what is hers to do. Let the pace of the world hold you and love you. Rest in the arms of nature’s infinite cycles.  We’ll all get there sooner than we think.