Standing in Faith

What does freedom feel like?
When do we know we have it?
This is a tender time. A time where we all want to go someplace new.
We’ve been listening closely to our hearts for a while now.
We’ve been moving towards what we love with steady direction.
And we know deep inside of us that we are called to do more than be small.
We have accepted our calling.
We are poised and ready.
We have grown as a far and as fast as we possibly could have.
We are ready. Absolutely and perfectly ready.
Now what? How do we know that everything we have done, everything we have become, everything that we yearn for matters?
Right here, in this spot where we stand together is faith.
It seems kind of crazy, to have come so far, to have said yes again and again to be back here, where we are going on faith.
But that is what is calling us.
Freedom feels like a cool breeze blowing gently around us and through us.
It feels like unstoppable joy in our hearts when we think of what we love.
When we imagine who we can become, who we can serve in the world, who we can be to ourselves and to the others we are in freedom.
When we are caught up in the beauty of the world, caught up in the movement and grace of our miraculous bodies, caught up in the fabric of our miraculous lives, we are in freedom.
When we feel something much bigger than ourselves holding us in her tender embrace and whispering to us that we are her beloved we are in freedom.
When we know that we will do what is ours to do, no matter what, we are in freedom.
And so, here we stand. And here we are, not being able to see with complete clarity what is next. We don’t know for certain that everything we have invested our hearts and souls in is actually going to hold us now.
But look around. We are all here together. Standing in faith. Poised and ready.
You are here. I am here. There are thousands of others.
And there is the support of everyone who has come before, the support of the trees and the animals, the support of everything seen and unseen.
We are standing here for a reason. The world has got to change, and so do our lives.
It is essential to all of us that we what we love and what we do are one and the same.
So, as the year winds down and we are swept up in the busyness of the holidays, let us remember what is true together.
We are doing something so big, so enormous, so powerful and the world is absolutely ready to receive us. We are not only changing ourselves, we are changing everyone. We are taking a stand for every being on the planet. We are saying enough to the old way. And we are saying yes to peace and love and joy.
Right now, freedom is still speaking to us in a whisper, but the time is coming where she opens her voice and sings her song out loud.
Let’s keep our hearts open, let’s keep moving forward. Let’s keep standing in faith. We can do this. And we must.
Blessings to all of us on our continuous journey. May freedom surround us and keep us.