Go Ahead!!!

What happens when you have given up everything except your power? Who do you become when you can feel the tendrils of the living world ferreting through you with every breath; every delicious inhale, every expansive exhale?

When you can hear the billowing songs of the whales in the sea and the thunderous rumblings of the elephants in the bush with every heartbeat, how do you move your feet in the world? What glimmering paths are there to walk on? Does every step become an invitation to dance?

There are people everywhere in the world right now who are listening to the songs of a great, fathomless stillness that we have never been able to hear before. As we turn our heads toward this glorious new year, towards the power that is within us and among us, we have a chance at something grand, something magnificent. We have awakened together into a new time. Everything that came before, all of the wisdom that we have gathered and made our own is here with us now.

And we are here. All of us. As we have always wanted to be but haven’t known how to until now.  We have found our feet beneath us and we are ready to dance. Together. The whole world is poised on the precipice of beauty. Every precious part of us can be held by the universe in a new way. We have finally found a way to come home.

What does this mean for you and I? Now that we have arrived here, in this place that is as new and as ancient as the waxing and waning moon, what do we do now? It may seem to some that the world is in the worst place it has ever been, but we know different. We know because we can feel the truth inside of us. We can feel the love that we have gathered gathering us back in her arms. Every time we have sat in stillness is with us. Every time we have chosen to follow our heart is holding us. Every choice we have made to go towards goodness in ourselves and the world is here with us. We are floating in a massive ocean of love that has been created by our own individual commitments to freedom and joy for ourselves and the world. The power here is so brilliant, so inclusive, so deeply rooted that it is hard to hold in our small containers.

So, what do we do with it? How do we hold it and be held by it? What is the world asking of us now, what is she offering that we have never been offered before?

If we listen closely we can hear a whisper. The earth herself is blowing in our ear. The Divine Beloved is calling us to her for her voice to be heard aloud for the first time in centuries.

Walk now. Go ahead.  Dance now. Go ahead. Breathe now. Go ahead. Look now. Go ahead. Love now. Go ahead. Taste now. Go ahead. Touch now. Go ahead. Feel now. Go ahead. Live now. Go ahead. Be now. Go ahead. You, yes you, YOU! GO AHEAD!!