Nothing to Pretend

What if there is nothing to pretend anymore? What if what the universe is asking of us right here, right now, in this time of the new year and the new awakening is to be fully, deliciously ourselves and only that? What would it mean to wake up every morning to the beat of our own hearts, our own truth, our own turnings toward joy?

Who would we be if there was nothing between who we are and what we love? It is a myth that the child we carry within us that is full of joy at playing with rocks and sitting under tall trees letting the dirt run through our hands is broken. It is simply not true that we can’t hear the wind whispering to us in every moment. It is a lie that we are all alone and that we have to do what we don’t want to do because the world requires it of us.

What if we gave up all of the lies? Right now, in this breath? What if we took back all the power we have given away to the parts that seem lost, to the wounds that tie us to the broken story of the world?

What if we wrote a new story, each one of us, exactly as we want it to be?

What if we reinvented ourselves in the story of the little girl who is completely immersed in joy as she lets the ocean swallow her up and bring her back to shore again and again? Who is so connected that she buries herself in the sand and lies under its heaviness with the simple truth that she is a part of everything, staying there until she is ready to burst out and run along the edge of the sea?

What if we became the story of the man who wakes up in the morning and knows that he does not have to do one thing, not one little thing, that isn’t exactly what he loves to do and so he lies quietly for a moment in the stillness before turning toward the light of this most precious beautiful day in his life?

There are people living this way, in freedom, right now. And we can be one of them. We can keep following what we love again and again, until it leads us to our power. We can stop pretending. We can stop forcing ourselves to fit into the broken places and start moving towards the places where we are whole.

The little girl inside of you has never been broken. Her joy and beauty has gone untouched. No matter what she has been through, no matter what pain she has felt, she is as alive and free as she was when she was three. The idea that she is anything less than powerful is a myth.

You can follow what you love to become exactly who you are meant to be in this world. And you can stop pretending to be small and broken. You can stop forcing yourself to do what you don’t want to do because you think the world requires it of you.

There is no need to pretend anymore. We are the ones who are here to change the world. We are the ones whose hearts are beating to the rhythm of our own unique power. And the time is upon us to listen to that particular music, to dance to the song that only we can discover. And then to dance, and to dance again.

You are not broken. And you don’t have to pretend you are. And you don’t have to pretend that the world keeps you small. Because there is no smallness here. There is nothing keeping you from your light that you can’t move through. Follow what you love. Again and again. And what you will find is that what you love will start following you.