Stepping into the River

Today I stepped all the way into the river. I started writing my next book. It feels kind of wild. There is more space here than I thought there would be. I made a new beginning. Again. I began to follow the truest calling of my soul with no distractions, no limitations, no stories about why I can’t do what I love holding me back. I began to write. Again.

But today I write from a different place. Today I write with my entire body being held by the moving and alive current of the river. That might sound scary. It does feel like nothing else I’ve ever felt. But I know my body has roots. However wild the current I know it can’t take me anywhere I am not absolutely meant to go.The only thing that can show up in this place in the river is what is mine.

I don’t know the answers to how it is all going to work. I don’t know what the river intends to bring me. But I have given away everything that could possibly have stopped me from knowing that this is right, and that it is perfect and that standing here in the river is absolutely the only place I ever want to be.

And so, here I am, writing my way to freedom. Writing my way to connection. Writing my way to myself and to everyone and everything that I love.

May the words come and bless me with their magic. May I be visited by ancient river gods and the spirits of the ancient ones. May the trees hold me in their roots. And may I let come through me every precious drop of beauty that wants to find its way into the world through the sacred vessel of my being.