Beautiful, Necessary You

You are necessary. Stop what you are doing or thinking right here and let this truth sink in. You. Are necessary. The essence of who you are is needed in the world right now in a way it never has been before. The essence of you is calling you home. It is aching to be expressed in its fullness. You have been distilled down through your sacred struggles, through your joys and your loves and your sufferings into the bright glowing core of magnificence that only you can be. And you are so, so needed. Forget about what has been holding you back. Forget about the practical things that make your dreams impossible. Forget about all of your stories that you tell yourself when it feels safer to stay small. Your soul is calling you to be more now. The world is crying out for your heart to join in the beat of the ancient music of the cosmos. This is the time where everything old is gathered around us. And it is the time when everything new is pushing its way up from its roots into the light. Feel your heart. Now feel the heartbeat of everything. How can we go one more second into this burgeoning world without you? It is impossible. We simply cannot go on without you and your beauty. What is your beautiful, beautiful soul speaking to you right now? What is the one thing that it wants you to move towards? I can’t tell you what it is. But you know. Deep in the rhythm and pulse in your veins you know. It only takes one moment to change everything. Let this be your moment. Let the thrum of your magnificence start throbbing in your mind. Let the music of a billion heartbeats start dancing in your being. We are all here together. And we all want the same thing. We all want to love and be loved. We all ache to express that one thing that is ours and only ours. What is your love calling you towards? What is the truth that wants to move through you and into the rest of us? Please, let’s go home now. Let’s move and dance and create the magic that we are born to create. Let us see you. Let us feel you. Write the song that longs to be written. Paint the sky with the kisses from your lovely lips. Walk barefoot on the green, green earth and let your life rush into you. Move into the place where we know who you are. Stop hiding, stop wandering away, stop staying closed up and alone. You are so, so necessary. You, exactly as you are right now. I can feel your power. I can hear your wild heart aching to be free to surrender into the Beloved. I can feel the world calling each one of us home where we have always belonged. Let’s go, now. You first. I promise we will all follow.