We are ready for YOU!

Well, I’ve been thinking. About you. And there is something bubbling up in my heart that I need to tell you. I think we are ready now. All of us. I really, really do. I’ve been seeing it in the people that come to me for coaching. I’ve been seeing it in the people that come circling through my life. When I sit down to meditate and I think of you in my heart, I’ve been seeing it in you. For so long we’ve been living our lives as much less than who we are. We’ve been lost or numb or afraid. We know what we love but we can’t quite have it, not for ourselves, not for our people. It’s been the same for me. I have been rooting myself in my purpose for a while now. I have traveled the spiral again and again into the spaces where I really can see and hear and feel my most clear and beautiful self. But I haven’t quite been ready. Or I haven’t felt like the world was ready for me. There was still some doubt, some worries that I wouldn’t able to do what’s mine. That I wouldn’t be able to go where I am called. That somehow life would be determined to hold me back, not give me what I need to take care of what I care about, and not connect me to you. But here we are. And something is different than before. It’s like the roots and rivers of the earth are swelling and finally, finally, speaking their true name. It’s like the trees and the hawks are calling to us and telling us, “Yes. Yes. You. Yes.” At least that’s what it’s like for me. Actual trees and actual hawks. It’s pretty amazing. And then there is you. I really do feel you and I really do know just how beautiful you are, just how magnificent you are, just how much you are longing to join with the world in your own unique way. And I believe in my bones that now is the time for you. For us. For everyone. So, take a breath and hold your heart in your hands and let yourself open. No matter what is going on in your life you can find your center. No matter how many obstacles there have been blocking your way, you have all the support you need to walk out of the dark tangled woods and into the green meadow. No matter how many clouds have blurred your purpose the essential sun that is your calling is ready to shine through you and into the world. You are a miracle. And the world is ready for you. Right now.