Scarcity and Reunion

It’s like there are these two story lines that exist in my head. They probably exist in yours, too. I’m certain they exist in the world, because they are evident everywhere. One story line is scarcity. Do you know that one? Lack, fear, doom, gloom, disaster, loss, sacrifice, disconnection. Bankruptcy. Not having what I need to do what it is I am here to do and to take care of what I care about. For what is bankruptcy really but a physical and spiritual disconnection from Source? The other story line is what I call reunion. Love, joy, peace, abundance, passion, purpose, connection. Sacred union with the Beloved. Complete belonging with the One. In reunion of course I have everything I need. In reunion of course all I have to do is what I am here for. In reunion my life is about every precious thing that I love. And, oh, I am learning every day through you more and more precisely what that is. And what a gift that is. To be in those moments when I am able to reflect your beauty and your power to you and to see you grasp it, to see you understand it, well, that is pure Grace. I want to be a keeper of that Grace. In fact, I know already that I am. I can feel it in my cells. I can feel it in the field all around me. I can feel it in my body singing with the music of Home. And yet, it is so funny to have come so far on this journey to freedom and to be sitting here with you with these two story lines still in my head. Scarcity and Reunion. Both are available to me but only one is my own. Only one is the truth. I know this deep in my veins. Reunion is the only choice I can ever make, the only destination I can ever arrive at. But scarcity still sits with me. Or at least the story of scarcity does. I wanted to tell you that. It’s important for us to know as the freedom fighters that we are that freedom is a winding labyrinth and not a short, direct path. I am right here with you as you look inside your life and still find yourself being called away from your joy by some other story line. For you it might be something other than scarcity, but I think its purpose is the same. Like everything that comes to us, its purpose is to take us Home. I am finding that I keep having to return to the story line I know is true again and again and that it always welcomes me back whenever I journey away from it. So, just a word of love to you as you continue to travel through the mysterious spiral of your life; you don’t have to worry if you still feel like your mind won’t quite let you go where you know you need to go, it’s all just a part of the process, my friend. And I’ve been told that the process works.