An act of love

You know, there is nothing wrong with preparing for something to come into our lives again and again. It is an act of love. Each time we open ourselves to that relationship, that new job, that most precious opportunity we are opening ourselves to love. And each time we open ourselves to love we are creating  a miracle. And miracles love to come true. I don’t know about you, but I have often felt that when I open myself to something that I am longing for and I believe that this time is the time when it is going to happen in the world and it doesn’t that I have failed. I believe that I have done something wrong. That I am somehow hopeless or powerless or stuck. But right now I see in my heart that when I am feeling that way that I am believing a lie. Everything, everything, that I pour my love into matters. Each time I open a little further, each time I prepare the house for the guests that never come I am going towards love. And love is always coming back towards me. Sometimes the wildest longings of our hearts take their time to come to us. And sometimes in the process of moving our lives towards them we feel abandoned and alone. But that is okay. Because what we love loves us. Deeply, infinitely, passionately loves us. And it is longing for us just as achingly as we are longing for it. But there is something perfect, something lovely, something beautiful about the long days of preparation. We can’t meet our Beloveds until we are ready. We can’t solve that problem that seems to spiral through our lives indefinitely until we are the complete solution in our cells. We can’t leave behind our pain or our separateness until we are  ready to embody being whole. It takes something to be reunited with the truth of everything we have been searching for. It takes something to answer the calling of our souls and to have our calling be answered back by  everything that is. We can only go as far as one precious moment lets us go. And we can only open to love one tiny, one miraculous, one perfect cell at a time. Even when we no longer want to, we have to keep opening, because the world is opening with us. And the truth is that everything always moves towards love.