We are here together

We are not in this alone. We are here on this green earth together. And sometimes that means that we get to feel the truth of what holds us as a heavy, deliciously warm blanket that makes our toes curl with comfort. Sometimes we can feel how we are held by the Beloved so intimately, so divinely that we purr loudly and contentedly like satisfied lions. But sometimes it means something else. Sometimes it means that we have waiting to do. Sometimes it means that we can’t go where we want to go until the others are ready. Sometimes no matter how hard we’ve tried or how much we have given we have to pause and let the world catch up. We have to wait to have what we know in our hearts is right for us until the heartbeat of the world matches our own. And sometimes it also means that we have to look directly into the eyes of the people who are journeying with us and acknowledge their pain. We have to have the presence to stand clear and beautiful in the deepest core of our love and see what there is to see about the trauma and grief that is a part of our collective story. We have to love the tumultuous ocean of this life we have been given more deeply than we thought possible. We have to reach into our hearts again and again and then we have to reach some more. We have to keep opening just when we thought we had unfurled our love as far as it could go. And sometimes that means that we have to admit to our own pain, to our own unmet yearnings and private aches that may have caused us to step for a moment out of who thought we were or who we wanted to be.  We have to love and be loved and love again. I have often felt the winds of change coming. I have felt the need to spread my wings many times long before I saw others in my life doing the same. And what it feels like now to me is that the winds of change aren’t just coming. They are here. Everything that is within us is being exposed. Everything that we are as a species, as a collective, as a united field of consciousness is crying out to be heard and honored and held as sacred. The old way of separation and disconnection doesn’t work anymore. And the new way of oneness and reunion is being born. This means something. It means something to each of us, and it means something to all of us together. The time when we thought that who we are and what we love doesn’t matter is over. And so is the time when we could create our own destinies without including the others. We are here now to change the world. Not just what we see as our own small piece but the whole, magnificent, lovely, beautiful world.  All of the pain we see in our lives and in the world around us is showing itself to us for a reason. It is showing itself to us so that we can heal it. It is showing itself to us so that we can have the experience of becoming love. Now more than ever we each need to hold this truth in our hearts, that we are each here to bring the purest form of the love that we are made of into the world. Now more than ever we need to find our truth inside the quiet place in our centers and live from that place. Now more than ever we have to own who we are and who we wish to become. What we all need is for each one of us to touch the stillness that is who we really are and to live our lives from that place. When we each are able to listen to the quiet voice in our center that is calling us to love we will do what we are here to do. We will heal this pain, this trauma, this deep hurt that has been with us for so, so long and we will find the truth of our unfathomable beauty. The world is crying. We can all hear her. She is wailing out her pain. She wants the hurt to stop. But in her truth she is as beautiful and as strong and whole as the  most breathtaking range of mountains. All she needs is for us to see her. And to do that we need to see ourselves.