What you feel is REAL

When do we know we are living from the place where what we feel is actually real? Our bodies give us information all of the time. We have deep understandings and connections, and let’s just say it,  pure realizations of magic that make their way through our bones and cause our hairs to stand up on end more often than we like to admit. We have chills and goosebumps and deep  thuds of  rightness that flood our senses like the sea at high tide. We see things and feel things and we just simply know things. When something is true our bodies shiver and sob and  give us a resounding YES! THAT! Go toward that! We are walking through the world with no skin and we feel everything.* And it is too beautiful to put into words, and we know who we are and we know who is beside us. The trees and the elephants and the ancestors and the grass under our bare feet sing to us. And we are home. And our life feels like pure grace. And it is. But then there is the other side. The side where we say no. The side where we say, no it can’t be. There is no magic here. There is no grace. I am alone, disconnected. I have so little understanding and none of it means anything. This is the painful side, the side where we turn away from the miracle of our own life and hide away from our power. There is joy in the world. We taste it. But we can’t accept it as our own. There is mystery, but we can’t let ourselves believe fully in the magic that we see and feel and sense and know every single day of our lives. We can’t let ourselves be who we really are. We allow the world of separation pull us away again and again. But what if we just stopped? What if we didn’t let ourselves be separate from the truth that is the fabric of our brilliant and spacious souls ever again? What if we were to wake ourselves up and be in delicious reunion with the true spirit of everything? Not just sometimes, but all of the time? What if we decided that we were never going to say no to beauty and magic and grace? What if we said yes to the tingling in the back of our neck, to the voice of our deceased grandmother in our ear telling us we are safe, to the message of connection from the feather that lies directly in front of our door? What if we owned ourselves as divine, sacred beings who have much more to do in this world than chase the ever pervasive rabbit trails of fear and powerlessness around and around in our minds? What we are is so much more than the limitations of the collective wounds of our world would have us believe. We have the power to change the stories that make up our lives.We can choose something other than disconnection and disbelief now. We can choose to nourish and hold our power and the grace of the divine that is constantly talking to us and through us as our truth. We can choose to listen to our always present collective experience of magic and miracles. We can choose to come home. The next time the sacred whisper of your soul speaks to you through the web of your life don’t push it away. Not even for an instant. Say yes to magic. Say yes to source. Say yes to you. When you do that you are saying yes to all of us. And the world is ready for our Yes.

*From one of my favorite songs, Amazing by One Eskimo