Yes. Yes. Yes.

It’s all bubbling up. Can you feel it? The molten rock from the center of our souls is bubbling up to the surface of our lives. All of our pains, all of our hurts, all of our long-held beliefs in our limitations and our failings are bursting into our awareness in ways that we can no longer hold back. Fear is showing itself everywhere and we are all uncertain, all in doubt about what it is we can do. It feels so big, too big, suddenly we are faced with the biggest challenges of our lives so far. We can’t hide. We can’t stop the flow. And we can’t turn away.  Something is calling to us. Something that has never called to us quite this loudly before. And we have no choice but to listen. We have nothing to do but stand at the edge of the place where our souls are bubbling hot from our cores and listen. This is not about suffering. This is not about loss. This is not about pain. Those things are present with us and we can no longer deny them. But that is not what this is about. This is about the infinite essence of who we are and who lives beside us. This is about healing the collective consciousness of the world and living in reunion with the source of everything. So, let’s stop.  And let’s listen together. Here we stand. Right here we are present to all of it. Everything that there ever was and ever will be about the truth of who we are is right here.  It is orange and red and on fire. It has the power to change the entire landscape of the world around us. It can form mountains and sprout new growth in its wake. It is us, all of us, as who we truly are. You have a place here. You have a purpose. You have a deep resonating flow of consciousness within you that knows how to make this right. For you and for everyone. For the people you love and for the beings that inhabit this world we call home. We have been called. And it is time to answer that call with every yes we have ever felt. It is time to be the sacred and awake beings that we are here right now to be. Yes, the world is changing. And yes we are each a crucial part of it. And yes what we do matters. And yes, we can do this. Yes, we can have the future we believe in. Yes. Yes. Yes.