It’s about Being

The world is doing something right now. To me. To you. To all of us. It is doing something that it has never done in this way before. It is opening us up. It is washing us clean. It is deliberately, painstakingly, showing us who we are with no apologies. Who are we? And what will we do about it? That is the question that is being asked of each tender one of us. I watched a program called Awakening the Dreamer by the Pachamama Alliance and it said that ninety percent of the elephants are gone from the earth. Ninety percent of the lions. Ninety percent of the ocean’s big fish. Ninety percent. Gone. And what about the trees? I don’t know about you, but hearing that tears a hole in the fabric of my soul. It seems a natural reaction to something so shocking and horrid as the way we have let the world become. But no matter how horrible that feels, I am not about staying in the ways we have failed or made things wrong. Because that is not where the answer to wholeness lives. I am about the way we know how to make things right. I know that the elephants and the lions and the big fish and the trees that are left aren’t about beating us up and shaming us for where we all stand right here, in this most precious moment on this green earth. Just like we shouldn’t be about shaming ourselves. Those of us who love the world have spent enough of our time in shame. There is something else for us to do now. And I believe we are doing it. I know I am. And you can do it, too. Together we can sew a blanket out of the torn fabric of our lives and make the world whole again. Together we can make a future with the elephants and the trees that is beautiful and complete. And the way we do this starts inside of each one of us. The world is not calling us to action, so much as calling us to being. Each one of us gets to choose, right now, who is it we wish to be. We get to choose all of the qualities of the sacred that call most fiercely to our souls, again and again. Beauty. Love. Compassion. Wisdom. Belonging. Integrity. Reunion.What seed of the divine is waiting to blossom in the fertile soil of your heart? Let’s pause and listen together to its quiet whisper of promise. Let each one of us have the courage to be the truth of who we are. From that place comes all of the answers we need to heal every part of the world.We have everything we need inside the rhythm of our most powerful yearnings to make things right in this most magnificent cosmos. We are one tribe, one living, breathing universe of connectivity. It’s time for each of us to do our part. The elephants are listening for our collective answer as they rumble through the bush. They know what we are here for. ¬†And we know,too. We’ve always known deep in the core of our beings. And right now the world is asking us to be that which we already know.