What we are capable of

It is time to acknowledge what we are capable of. Each one of us. And all of us as a whole. The trees and the elephants and the whales and the ancestors are speaking to us in a way they never have before. Our hearts are calling us to look inside and discover the truth of what we love and why we are here to love at all. We have been living in the world in a way that has depleted our resources. Our personal resources to keep doing what doesn’t bring us joy are being wiped out. It is becoming intolerable to bear the weight of all that is wrong in the world and in our lives. And the same is true with the resources of nature. We have used our planet so hard and so unkindly that the old-growth trees and the herds of elephants and the whales in the sea are almost nearly all gone.  The ancient resources from the time of our ancestors have given us all they can. We have depleted the system that has been sustaining us. We have always created the world with the animals and the plants and the rocks and the ones who came before. We have always created the world with the people that stand beside us. But we have created it the way we have lived our lives for thousands of years. In sacrifice and in suffering. The old system of our world that we have been living in takes away, consumes, depletes. It destroys that which we love. The resources of the old system can give us nothing else. We have used up all of what was available to us. We can see this and feel this in the sadness and pain that is so apparent in the world. But it’s also true that we can feel something else if we know how to look for it. The truth is that there is a new system. And we have all been creating it together. The new system is based on joy. Every single step that we have followed towards joy has created the new system. Every whispered prayer, every ounce of love, every choice for beauty and belonging has been accumulating, growing, adding to the wholeness of the world. The world has plans for us. Big plans. There is a new consciousness that is being born in every heart, every mountain, every waterfall, every soul upon the earth. There is a new system that offers sustenance and beauty and gives back instead of taking away. This new system is intact, and it surrounds the old system in a huge body of light. In this new system we all do what we love. We participate in the world in a way that brings joy to everyone and everything. We honor the beauty of life and hold our own bright purpose as sacred. We become partners with all of creation instead of using it and throwing it away. This awakening consciousness is calling us home. We are capable of being inside this new system of the world right now. Feel the pulse of it. It is right here with us. You know when you are contributing to it. And you know when you are pushing it away. Its language is based in joy. You can feel it in your cells, in the thrum of your veins, in the clarity of your mind when you choose to listen to it. It is in the magic, in the synchronicities, in the times when you know you have to say yes. It is in the peaceful ocean of your love. It is in you. The most beautiful, most alive, most powerful, most creative version of you. Your heart is beating right now so that you can experience it. You are in this body, this life, this world, to contribute your part in it. As we all are. We are surrounded in light. And we surround the others. The new world is birthing itself through our magnificence. Creating a world that we know is ours to love and be loved by is what we are capable of. And in truth, we are capable of so much more. Let’s acknowledge it together.