It’s Time to Fly

We have come a long, long way, my friend. And actually, it might not look like it still, but now we have arrived. The temple stands in front of us in all of its familiar glory. We know its shape, and its comforts and we know where we belong inside of it. We have always known. Because we have never forgotten what is ours. So why are we still standing here in the bereft world of illusions with our hands empty and our provisions spent and our dreams hanging from us like deflated sacks? It is because we are the gatekeepers. And we have yet to open the gates. We are the ones that go first into the temples of freedom, and to go first means all of the others will fall in behind us. So we stand firmly beside the temple gates where we know our individual and collective dreams await us in expectant delight inside and we wait. We have come too far to get here to leave anyone behind now. Meanwhile, the world of illusions just keeps getting more and more unruly and unbearable. If we spend any time there now our hearts ache and our souls pinch. We know we are no longer of that world. We have done our work. We have followed the call of the divine inside us with steadfast courage and unshakable tenacity. We know who we are and why we have come here to this time of the new awakening of our planet. We know who we are for the collective and we know who we want to be for ourselves. Our knowing goes beyond feeling now. It goes beyond our instincts and our senses. Our knowing is as rooted in and as essential to who we have become as our breath. We know our souls have wings and we know we are meant to fly. And we know that flying is our birthright, our calling, our very necessary practice that we need to keep us alive. We can’t keep going if we don’t get to fly. Yet our wings are still cramped out here beside the temple gates. We can’t use them in the world of illusions. They need space, and there is no space here. So, what are we to do now? Just stretch. Stretch those wings as far as they can go in these cramped conditions and know that the space they need is right through the next door. Love yourself. Love yourself gently and completely, and give yourself whatever room you can. Look away from the world of illusions whenever it tries to grasp you in its old ways and remember who you are and where you have come to. Remember that you have arrived and that nothing will ever take you away from the place of truth again. You are a soul with wings. You are the one who changes the world with her beautiful, lilting song that echos throughout the cosmos. Your voice is the voice of Freedom. You have come here to sing your song while you soar aloft on those rainbow-feathered wings. And nothing can stop you now.