You already voted

You are the answer. You might not quite be able to tell yet, and maybe you can’t feel it the way I do, but it’s true. The answer is you. Quite literally, it’s your vote that counts. And we already know what you are voting for. You have been casting your vote all along. Freedom. Love. Abundance. Truth. Compassion. Understanding. Belonging. You have been on this spiritual journey for a long, long time, and you have never stopped moving toward the truth. You take good care of yourself, you keep your mind and your body clear, you are always in sync with the fact that there is much more to this world than the illusions would have us believe. You know that we are not separate, you can feel it when you meditate, or run, or do yoga, or dance. Your practices that keep you well also keep you connected to the pulse of the whole. And the pulse of the whole is singing a song right now that has never been heard on this earth before. We are doing it, what we’ve said we were doing all along, we are raising the consciousness of the world to a new level. We are coming home to the divine that is within us and that is us. We are opening the space we need to live in the fullest expression of who we truly are. Our unique voice is vibrating within us and is coming into harmony with the voice of the cosmos. We are truly becoming that which we are, which is One Heart, One Mind, One Body, One Soul. The world has never seen the likes of us before. And there is nothing that can stop us now. All there is to do is to cast our vote into the ballot box of the universe. To take a stand inside ourselves once again for love. And to live our days like we mean it. No matter what the world of fear and illusion appears to be saying right now the choice has already been made within us. We know what we stand for. And our vote matters.  In the next few weeks, our task is to keep our minds and our bodies clear so that we contribute to the powerful forces of love that are steadily transforming the consciousness of the planet. It is hard to say what the world will look like three weeks from now, three months from now, three years from now. All we can do is see what it feels like today. And today I can feel a vastness and a spaciousness that contains everything good and kind that we have ever given to ourselves and to the world. I can feel the support of the source from which we all come, and I know that there is power here. Power to end the times of suffering that no longer serve us. Power to release the world from the collective consciousness of anger and violence and fear. These are monumental times indeed, and it all comes back to you. You brought us here with your grace. Every act of compassion you have ever shared, every ounce of joy you have ever brought, every moment of love you have poured into the rest of us can be felt here. So, let’s not be too hard on ourselves or the world right now as we decide collectively and individually where we cast our vote. Our vote has truly already been cast. Whether we know it or not, the world knows where we are going. And the only place to go is home.