We can’t be invisible here

It’s gotten so that in the last couple of weeks I can’t make any decisions about my life that keep me from being seen. I just can’t be invisible anymore. I am not talking about Janet Jackson at Super Bowl halftime on-the-stage, millions-of-people being seen. It’s not really about other people at all. It’s this new commitment I seem to have made with my soul. I just can’t do things anymore that pull me away from the biggest expression of who I am meant to be. I need to be able to see myself in everything I do now. Or it’s just not worth it to me, and as I’ve learned, it is also not of any service to anybody else. My life has whittled its way down to its natural rhythm and it feels fabulous. I spend my days doing only what I can do with my own unique voice. I see myself in what I love to do. When I write, I am seen. When I coach, I am seen. And in between writing and coaching I rest and play. And that seems to be all I am capable of. There must be a message here. Follow what you love has been my mantra for years. And now only what I love seems to be able to follow me into this place that I have arrived at. The rest is all distraction. And who cares about that? My second book, A Rooted Body,  is being born into the world now, or at least into my world, and what else is there to do but trust the birth process as it is? So, tonight, I write. And tomorrow, I write. And some days, I coach. And so on as far as I can see. I speak to you of this newfound incapability to be led off-center by anything as an offering for your own biggest expression. It turns our following what you love does something more than we expected. It not only pulls you along on a boat ride to joy, it also clears away the shackles that would bind you. I can’t say for sure where all of this is leading, but man, the ride is delightful. Anybody can be invisible. But the act of being seen is a uncommon act.