Cast your vote for love

I’ve noticed something big happening in the way the world feels lately. Many of us have, The election is bringing out the full spectrum of who we are. There is so much movement, so much emotion, so much power. To me, it feels like goodness. When I say that to people, they want to believe me, but they feel unsure. All they can often feel at first  is what is on the surface and what is on the surface is turmoil and barely disguised rage. I think most people can’t feel the goodness that is with us because we are so used to tuning into what is wrong. I have spent many hours in these past few years doing nothing but tuning into what is most loving about our world. And the truth that I feel underneath the turmoil is that there is a whole lot of love with us right now. Love is asking us to turn our faces toward her grace. And now is the perfect time to do it.  When we look inside our hearts we each have the capacity to feel what is true. We each have the ability to go deeper and to feel what is calling to us. Most of us are feeling the tug and pull of what is ours to do next week. The pressure is building. It is time to cast our vote. It is time to take a stand for what we believe in. It is time to add our voice to the voices of the others who share our dreams for our country and our world. But the truth is, we have already voted. Our vote has long been cast in the ballot box of the universe. The name we check on the ballot on November 8 is not a new name to us, it is actually the end result of our long-held decision to support the ideals that we cherish. We each have a calling, an instinct, a feeling for what we want this world to become. And really, the qualities of goodness that we are drawn to are the ones we have been voting for all along. Love. Compassion. Beauty. Truth. Empathy. Understanding. Service. Freedom. Belonging. For as long as we can remember, we have been voting with the fabric of our lives. We have been choosing with the heart of our commitments. We have been holding our dreams and our most wondrous visions with the core of who we are. We have never stopped moving toward what we believe in. And we won’t stop now. Who we vote for is a personal decision. But what we believe in is the very thread that ties us all together in our hearts as one. And really, what we believe in has more commonality than the world right now would have us think. We believe in our children. And in helping our neighbors. We believe in a good day’s work and a warm house to come home to. We believe in sharing our gifts with others. And we believe in living a life where our most precious yearnings are fulfilled. We believe in what we love. And what we love is as common to us as our heartbeats. We all have the same commitments, to ourselves, to our families, to the world as we would like it to be. It’s only what we see on the outside that tries to tear us apart. What we see on the outside right now is the worst of ourselves. Our fear and our anger. Our despair and our suffering. Our violence and our pain. The world is pointing its fingers at these parts of ourselves like never before. In this tense environment of separation, we are about to decide as a collective what the future holds for us. We are about to change the trajectory of the next four years and beyond. We are about to choose who and what we stand behind. And that is a beautiful thing. Because we are more than what is on the outside. We have something else inside of us. And on the inside we are a world of so much more. And most of us can feel what is on the inside when we stop to look. On the inside we can find the best of ourselves. Our love and our commitment. Our passion and our purpose. Our kindness and our brilliance. What we can imagine for our world in our best selves is only a fraction of what is truly possible. And now is the time for us to use our voices in our vote like we never have before. Because the world is aching to be made whole. And we are the ones to do it. We need to make the choice of who we vote for on election day from the place of imagining from our best selves. We need to stand up for what we believe in. We need to move towards what we know in our hearts is true. We owe that to ourselves and to each other. We owe that to our children and to the whole world. We need to make official what we have long been voting for. We need to choose love.