It’s our kindness

It’s our kindness that makes us a nation of people who are capable of and willing to create a just, and loving, and sustainable world. It’s our hearts that today either feel broken, or lighter, depending on the beliefs that we most hold onto about what is needed for us to go forward in a better direction. Today we in America are split in half, as we have been for a long time. Some of us are feeling lost and devastated and some of us are feeling like we are finally on the right path. I feel for the hearts of all of us. I feel us trying to do what we think is right. I feel our goodness, and the goodness of the world watching us as we try to speak out loud for what we believe in. And no matter what our political preferences are, I see us  believing that the other half of our country doesn’t know what that is. Now more than ever, all of us can feel inside our cores that somehow we have to come together and listen deeply for what is next. The truth is that there is something fundamentally necessary coming from the hearts of people on both sides of the political field. Each side holds a gift for the world. What has been made clear to us in our hearts in this election like never before is that our current system is not working. There are far too many of us who are lost, and afraid, and not living the lives we want to live. We each have something beautiful and magnificent that we long to express deeply in our lives but so many of us do not know how to have that experience. There is much sadness, and anger, and disillusion, and lack, and apathy, and purposelessness. There are people suffering and there is far too much wrongness in the world for any one of us to feel completely right. What looks to be a division of the American people is actually the beginning of the dismantling of our system that no longer serves us. We have differing beliefs about what that means and what our world is coming to, but we are each faced with a choice. We are faced with the choice of using our voice to stand up for what we believe in. We are faced with the necessary responsibility to take care of our own lives and to live according to the best that we have to offer. We are faced with moving forward based on what the world is like in this moment. We can no longer sit quietly and let ourselves be swept up in complacency. There is a new world being born, and we are the ones giving birth to it. It turns out it is more painful than we expected. But true transformation always is. And no matter who we voted for, that is what we have the seeds for in our hearts today. We have the seeds for the true transformation of our entire world as we have known it. The way we are moving the collective forward into a world that makes sense is with the greatest expression of our own unique brilliance. And our brilliance lives outside of fear and hatred. Our brilliance lives inside our love. Open to what is in your heart today. Your heart knows the answer of what is yours to do to have the world you believe in.