The Turning of the Year

Something is being born into the world right now through us. This time of the turning of the year is a powerful time. This year feels more powerful than ever. We are beginning a new cycle. We are faced with the awakening of the consciousness of the world. All of us who are called can feel everything that the world is feeling deep inside our bodies. The ways we numbed out or avoided those feelings are no longer working for us. Our sensitivity to the suffering and the pain of the world around us has reached a crescendo that can make us feel lost. When we feel the pulse of the world it feels desperate and chaotic. Everything is coming to the surface to be healed and each one of us can feel it deeply. When we are quiet and connected we can also feel that there is a deep peace available. There is a stillness in our souls that we didn’t have access to before in the same way we do now. Some things make sense for us in our lives that we haven’t before been able to make sense of. We all know in our individual selves that something big is happening, but as a collective we don’t know yet what the resolution will be. It feels like the world and our lives are either on the brink of great disaster or great healing. Our minds and our bodies don’t know which to believe in. We are completely capable of holding both possibilities inside of us. And we keep going back and forth between the two. But there is only one truth. And that truth is love. And we as individuals are right now deciding which result we choose for the whole collective. The place to go when we feel buffeted around by the fear and the pain is into the core truth of who we are. We are each moving the collective with our own individual expression. What is it that you choose to express? Do you want love and peace and freedom for yourself and everyone else, or do you want the world to be lost in fear and violence and greed? You know your choice. And you can feel it pulling you now more than ever. You know that you have a part to play and you are ready to move into your right place to play it full out. And that is what is being born, for each of us. We are being asked to hold what we believe in with grace. We feel everything because everything is asking us to find our way home. If you feel pain, or suffering, or fear, just hold on. Go inside and find the other thing you feel. Connect to all of the goodness and the truth and the love that you know is real. Your life is a perfect reflection of the collective. And you get to move the collective into what you know is the answer for all of us. You get to go inside your body and feel your connection to everything. And you get to choose love. When you hold the stillness of home inside of you, you are giving your greatest gift to the world. You are moving the rest of us into our own stillness, our own expression, our own love. The only way the world will heal is if we do. And we are so, so close to that healing. Let yourself be moved by grace as this year of transformation comes to a close. Let yourself be moved by the greatest love you have access to. Love yourself enough to choose goodness. And open the door for goodness to choose the rest of us.