Can you feel it, too?

The new year seems to have done something wild and magical to the communication system of my body. I can feel things like never before. It seems that 2017 is a year of knowing with new senses that I didn’t have language for before now. The messages my body is giving me are getting really specific. I long ago learned to listen to what my body is telling me. But suddenly, it’s telling me things with a voice that fills my awareness with its expansive purity and truth. There is no denying what happens inside my whole being with my every thought or every interaction with the world. Thoughts and people have energy, and I am getting a clear message in my body with each thought, each experience, each dream or vision that comes into my awareness. It’s like the patterns and the vibration that exist in all life are now able to speak to me and I have nothing to do but listen and feel and know with a sense that goes beyond straight lines. It’s like the grand source of everything is showing me how much I belong to the world by speaking through my cells. It would be overwhelming, if it wasn’t so beautiful. I’m surprised by how generous life feels, and how safe. When something isn’t quite right, my body just tells me. I feel discomfort and unease, and I know to move away. But mostly what is surprising is that so many things that I say and think and do feel more than right. They feel spacious and alive and lovely. And my body tells me I am in the right place, even though the circumstances of my life still appear to be chaotic and uncertain. It seems that the source of everything that used to be seen as unknowable now wants to be felt and heard and believed. And that even though things still seem unpredictable, and hard, and nearly impossible to imagine as good the truth wants us to know its voice in new ways. And the new way is coming through our bodies.There was a time when I felt burdened to be so highly sensitive to just about everything that exists in my body. But now it really feels like a gift. It is the gift that gives me my direct connection to the divine. It shows me what I belong to, and what I need to leave behind. The sweetness of life is moving through my sensitive cells. I am starting to belong to the world like my elephant friends do, connected and aware of where to go next and what to move toward through the rumbling center in my belly. Except for me it is a full body experience. It’s with me now, as I write this to you. An all-over feeling of peace and joy. I know we are here together.  It’s been a long journey of feeling separate and alone for all of us. I am grateful that in this new year and this new time on earth that I am able to feel the new truth blossoming in my cells. I think it was here all along. But it’s nice to have finally come home to it.