What you know is true is true

What you know is true, is true. Listen to that statement and let it anchor in your body. Feel how it affects you in your belly, in your heart, in your mind. Because that is where we are right now. We have been moving into this place for a very long time. And we are ready to embody a new understanding of ourselves and the world now. And what we know is true, IS true. And that’s what we are being asked to follow. So, what do you know is true? Where has your heart been telling you to go? What have your hands been longing to hold? What song is yours to sing? What right action is yours to take in the world? How can everything you believe and feel and know become everything that your life is about? If you are not ready to move into the world, move into yourself first. Move deeply into what you know. And let nothing stop you from honoring that knowing. Stop listening to the voices on the outside. Find your inner voice, your inner guide, your inner belonging. You are not here to do what everybody else is doing. You are here to be only who you are exactly designed to be. And to do that you need to trust the voice inside you above all other voices. The good voice inside of you. The voice that comes from love. The voice that comes from your most essential truth about the core of who you are. The voice that knows kindness, and compassion and has a purpose for you and for the rest of us. That is what we are being called to right now. We are being called to use our highest and best voice. We are being called to pour our love into the world in the purest and clearest way we can dream up. And first we need to do that inside ourselves. We need to let go of fear, and anger, and smallness. We need to open our hearts fully to the truth of who we are and what we are here for. And then we can do that for the world. Find time right now in this time of chaos and unrest and deep awakening to drop deeply into your center. Find the stillness inside of you where everything is born from. Look at what your commitments are and acknowledge the true scope and breadth of your power. And then open yourself to the guidance and support that is available to you now more than ever to start using that power. Create loving stillness and space around what you know is true. Find and trust your highest understanding. And then share it with the rest of us. We need you to be who you are.